Uh Oh, My Career is Missing--A Drama in One Very Long Act

Published on by Lisa Gates.

Opening Scene

It’s Q4 2015. You’ve been slogging it out all year in your role as the Queen of Chaos, and just around the corner is a brand new year. A pinch of anxiety starts to form in you gut, so you plug in your earphones, press play on your favorite tune, and turn your gaze out the window.

[A voice from within.]

A daydream sneaks into your thoughts. Everything is so pink in 2016! So shiny and full of sparkly things and people (all the right people) are clamoring—no grabbing you by the arm and begging you to join them in the Next Big Thing because they just can’t do it without you.

[Alarm beeps.]

And just like that, you’ve got five minutes to walk across campus for a special staff presentation on the new shredding policies.

Yep, you’re back in your body, and you have no time to wallow, so you resolve to stop dreaming and just put your head down and do the work that has to get done. You’ve got a day player role in a remake of the classic 50s drama, “Just Give it To Me, I’ll Do It,” now titled, “Uh Oh, My Career is Missing,” and even though the stage directions on your script say [SCREAM!] all you can muster is a deep sigh.

the scream.jpg


What About ACT 2?

Well, it’s a good thing you did muster a deep sigh. It’s a sure sign you’re breathing, and what you know you need is more oxygen. Career Oxygen. And women, here’s how you’re going to get your Act 2:

You’re going to clear your first two Saturdays in November—that's the 7th and 14th. And you’re going to join me for Career Oxygen a live virtual workshop designed to kick a hole in the wall between you and your career goals. That’s right.

You’ll have me as your coach and copilot, and I’ll help you take stock of your accomplishments, nail your value proposition, script your stories, design your influence posse, practice negotiating, and shine up your career mojo for 2016.

This workshop, dear women, is not for dabblers. For one, there’s homework (the kind of homework you're dying to do). And it’s not a webinar snoozefest where you get to yawn and file your nails, but a place for you to show up, participate in the conversation, practice, and breathe some life into your career. Oh, and there's an online lab where you'll get tools and resources, plus feedback and coaching from me.

Okay. You’re free to go – and register. Do it now, because the $100 discount ends October 24.

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Published on by Lisa Gates.