Career Therapy: How to Network, Influence and Negotiate with Drop Dead Success

Published on by Lisa Gates.

This course will change how you navigate your career, and help you stop saying things like:


  • I don't know how much I'm worth.
  • I don't know what I want.
  • I feel powerless when I hear the word no.
  • I hate it when I get interrupted or talked over.
  • My ideas and projects are constantly rejected.
  • I love my job, but I need to make more money and a 3% raise is like a slap in the face.
  • Networking is so smarmy.
  • Be strong but don't be does that make sense?
  • I don't know what makes me valuable.
  • I go blank when I have to talk about myself.
  • I don't see the path to promotion.

So, let’s just say maybe you're a little bit stuck. Let's also say Strategic Conversations is your get-out-of-jail-free card.

Here's why:

When we started coaching and consulting with women careerists, we noticed a huge problem: women were great at setting goals and strategizing, but they were scared to set things in motion that required asking. Negotiating.

It’s not just the fear of rejection, it’s the feeling that everyone else has the operating instructions except you.

Well now you have access to the operating instructions. Because we agree it's crazy that doing a killer job alone doesn’t launch people into the positions and places they deserve. It is a huge bummer that asking for what you want sometimes feels selfish and networking feels like bragging. And it's seriously astonishing that so many incredible professionals aren’t aware of their worth, let alone how to get compensated for it.

Let's change all that...

The primary goal  of this course is to help you recognize the daily opportunities you have to negotiate, to solve everyday issues and problems, and to increase your value to your employer or business. To that end we'll focus on two types of negotiation: problem solving and salary negotiation.

So here's what's in it for you:

  • Work through a 10-step strategic planning process for career success.

  • Assess your strengths and accomplishments and develop stories that communicate your undeniable, unique value and contribution.

  • Explore social triggers that can sabotage your bargaining outcomes.

  • Learn the vocabulary of interest-based negotiation and connect it to the conversations you're already having every day.

  • Use competitive tactics when necessary without breaking social norms.

  • Learn strategies for resolving conflict and improving the effectiveness of teams.

  • Explore the social science of negotiation, from cognitive bias to principles of influence, so you can cultivate key alliances.

What sets this course apart:

First, we focus on you. Your career. Your aspirations. Where you've been and where you're headed. The stories that define you and the people who make up your influence posse.

This exploration and goal setting from the inside out will anchor your experience throughout the course, and bring purpose and intention to the negotiation work.

Next, we bring together leadership development practices with the strategies and tactics of mutual benefit negotiation.

Here's where you sink your teeth into practical tools that will get you influencing, networking, and leading with drop-dead confidence and enviable success. 

We come together in four live weekly virtual classes to learn—and practice what you learn. And in between calls you'll get access to our private, online lab for homework, reading, videos and connecting with other participants. 

How it works:

  • The weekly virtual classes are supported by a private online lab for doing homework. 

  • Your homework will consist of reading, viewing videos and doing exercises. Expect to spend 30 minutes to an hour in between sessions.

  • This is not a talking head snoozefest webinar! Prepare to participate in the practice activities and scenarios in each call.

  • Please plan to attend every session. Clear you schedule. Each call will be recorded, but you'll gain more by being there in person.

Be prepared to succeed, and to make your investment in this course pay off before the end of the course (some would call that a guarantee).

Who this Course is for:

  • Women who want to ascend to the next level, remove the barriers to success, and deal with the pesky double bind cultural issues (you know, "don't be bossy, but don't be a wimp" or "don't be selfish, but don't be a doormat").

  • Women who are engaged in their work and passionate about it. (Or want to be.)

  • Work teams, affinity groups, women's initiatives and even mastermind groups who know that learning to negotiate is key to your personal and professional aspirations.

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Published on by Lisa Gates.