Why you should negotiate to triple the price for our next virtual course: Busyness in Balance

Published on by Lisa Gates.

Busyness in Balance: Tools to Inspire Productivity

Women, this is the LAST course you will ever need to take on getting organized, and at $147 bucks you should be negotiating with us to triple the price. WHY? Sara Caputo, MA of Radiant Organizing is teaching the course, and she flat out rocks. Watch:


WHERE: She Negotiates University

WHEN: October 4 through November 12.

INSTRUCTOR: Sara Caputo, MA of Radiant Organizing

Includes weekly group telecoaching calls that will be recorded in case you have to miss one.



Inside She Negotiates University, you will be hanging out in your virtual classroom and receiving sessions or modules incrementally over the six weeks of the course. Most every session includes assignments, exercises and questions designed to deepen your awareness and put concepts into practice. Best of all, you can do the work any time of night or day. Whatever works for you.

And the most unique aspect of the course is the journaling process. 

Think of She Negotiates University as your very own private "educational" Facebook. When you login to She Negotiates University, you will complete your course work by creating journal entries about your homework, discoveries and challenge with a community of your peers. You'll connect and share experiences, as well as deepen your learning process. As you get comfortable with each other, you will comment on each other's journals, and perhaps even create alliances and friendships and future collaborations. In other words, when you play full out, stuff happens. And we women are good at that.

Be assured that your journaling will not be public—meaning nobody "outside" in cyberspace has access to the course content or your journal entries. Nothing is findable on Google or any other search engine.


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Published on by Lisa Gates.