"W" is for the Women Who Made the Book Possible and for Whom it is Written

Published on by Lisa Gates.

There is a community of women ADR neutrals in Los Angeles without whom it would be impossible to maintain my peace of mind and improve my skills at the same time. Chief among them is attorney mediator and arbitrator, Deborah Rothman, who took me under her wing when she was serving as Chair of the ADR Section of the Beverly Hills Bar Association. Deborah taught me everything she knew about the theory and practice of arbitration and mediation, shared with me her extensive network of women neutrals, and bucked me up whenever I worried that mediation had not been the right choice to make.

Two other (among dozens) of women mediators who welcomed me to the practice with open arms were Jan Frankel Schau and Laurel Kaufer. The rest of the Fabulous Women Neutrals know who they are and how grateful I am for their encouragement and good will.

Other women central to the writing of the book have come into my life far more recently. They are the students and clients of She Negotiates Consulting and Training, a venture that has taken off like Fourth of July fireworks thanks to the happy partnership between me and negotiation trainer, consultant and coach, Lisa Gates.

Every woman who has taken that class and who has hired Lisa or me as consultants has deepened my appreciation of what women can accomplish once they learn their market value, name it and claim it. Of special note are those women in our Negotiation Master class: Whitney Johnson, Cali Yost, Chrysula Winegar and Trudie Olsen Curtis.  Media consultant Judy Martin must also be included among these women.

This list would not be complete without the women who are writing the She Negotiates column for ForbesWoman magazine (online): Lisa Gates; Katie Phillips; and Roxana Popescu, as well as the ForbesWoman women who made that column possible: Sharon Gitelle, Francesca Donner and Caroline Howard.

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Published on by Lisa Gates.