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Published on by Lisa Gates.

See Deb Ng's BlogWorld article On Getting Women to Speak at Blog World right now.  As in now now now!  I write for the Forbes.com legal blog (On the Docket) and I've been focusing on asking women lawyers, professors, finance gurus, entrepreneurs, executives, and managers for quotes in my posts.  I've consciously sought out women to quote because we're pitifully under-represented at the level of press, radio and television.

Here's what I too often find:  more than half the women I talk to tell me they're not qualified to comment.  Now, I'm not calling Harriet the Housewife (not that there's anything wrong with Housewifery).  I'm calling law professors at top law schools, for instance, who are teaching the very subject I'm asking about.  "No, no," they say, "I'd have to study the issue" or "try so and so,he/she knows the area much better than I do."

Listen up!!  I NEVER (never ever, not a single time) get this response from men.  

Here's what Deb Ng has to say about that:

Though I’m just coming off a keynote panel at the Type A Mom Conference and I have spoken at BlogWorld, SXSW and other events, the truth is, I don’t throw my hat into the ring much. After Aliza’s post yesterday, I thought about why:

  • I don’t consider myself a “guru,” “thought leader” or expert. Would people come to see me speak?
  • I don’t have confidence in myself – not as a speaker, I enjoy speaking, but in submitting a proposal. I may be a writer, but I can’t find the words for proposals.
  • I get stage fright.
  • I’m technically and design challenged and can’t make all those pretty slides other presenters seem to come up with. (Seriously, that weighs on my mind.)

My reasons for not speaking don’t have anything to do with BlogWorld or gender bias, it has to do with my own self-confidence, and I wonder if other women have the same issues.

Give me your attention for another brief moment please.  What we do here at She Negotiates, the very first thing we do, is give you the confidence to say "yes."

Got it?  Sign up for our next class here.  I can't even begin to put a monetary value on the experience though monetize it we have.

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Published on by Lisa Gates.