She Negotiates Anniversary Party! You're Invited!

Published on by Lisa Gates.

We’re having an anniversary party and you are our guest of honor.

For the past year we’ve been madly developing She Negotiates as a business and as a community of women engaged in powerful learning. To mark both our progress and our appreciation for all of you, we’re gathering together all She Negotiates University course leaders and consultants to hold an anniversary party that kicks off with a free 90-minute teleclass—a telecelebration—on Tuesday, December 7 at 5 p.m. PST / 8 p.m. EST.

The celebration will continue all week in the She Negotiates University community. We’ll connect and converse in the journals and for everyone who engages, we have some pretty spectacular giveaways and presents.

Here’s the focus of the call and our week in the journals:


  • Where do you belong?
  • What does it mean to be part of a community? 
  • Do you ever really feel like you fit in?   

As the season of peace and giving approaches, how to we capture the essence of the coming celebrations? How do we live and breathe the feeling of belonging? In community groups, schools, churches, workplaces,
associations, neighborhoods, we hear over and over again phrases like:

“Well, I’ve never really fit in here.”

“I am not like the other women in this town.”

“I don’t belong, I’m a bit a of square peg in a round

“I love this group, but I’ll never be as perfect as these women.”

“I hate the family pressures of the holiday season. I’ll never be good enough, conservative enough, successful enough, for my family.”

The culture of comparison is shriveling our potential to be who we really are. But what does it mean to belong?  What is it we are searching for, and will we know what it looks like when we find it?

At She Negotiates, we celebrate a year of women embracing their worth and negotiating their true value—in their relationships and in their professional lives—all the while honoring deep desires to give and serve and live lives of contribution. We will explore what it would be like to design a completely safe space in which to share, collaborate and generate movement, progress and completion.

Join us on Tuesday December 7th, 2010 for a conversation about “belonging” in the modern world…how we can overcome contemporary pressures to find peace and goodwill in our own skins and how we can unite more fully, despite our hectic lives, to lift each other up.

5 p.m. Pacific
6 p.m. Mountain
7 p.m. Central
8 p.m. Eastern

Register here.

In joy,

Your She Negotiates University Course Leaders

Lisa Gates, Victoria Pynchon, Chrysula Winegar, Sara Caputo, Candy Zulkosky


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Published on by Lisa Gates.