These Cats Know How to Negotiate Big Time

Published on by Lisa Gates.

I'm in the middle of a negotiation with a friend who provided services for She Negotiates. We're a bit stalled, but we keep coming to the table trying on new solutions. So far, we've agreed to disagree and take a breather.

I think these cats in the video demonstrate our process—the way interest-based negotiation often happens in real life—better than any human interaction I ever seen. Take a look: 

The Interest Based Negotiation Process:

  • Cooperation (includes play, fun, agility, wit)
  • Something happens (we disagree momentarily)
  • We stop playing 
  • Conversation (this is where the negotiation begins, after impasse).
  • Cooperation Round 2 (we start playing again, a bit tentatively, but we're at the table in good faith).
  • Something happens (a low blow? an unkind word?).
  • We stop playing and strike back (tit for tat, right? or else you risk being walked over, right?).
  • We lick our wounds and pause.
  • Cooperation Round 3 (you try again, but clearly the other side is hissy and strikes a low blow)
  • Game Over (for now. perhaps you'll come back to the table tomorrow).


Can you see any parallels in your relationships? Your workplace? Your neighborhood? The boardroom? Congress?


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Published on by Lisa Gates.