Gratitude for You, the Women Who Built She Negotiates

Published on by Lisa Gates.

Brick by brick, woman by woman, you've built She Negotiates. You've told us who you are, what you want, and what you envision for yourselves and the world in this Century of the Woman. 

Thank You.

We all start out with an idea, and a vision of what life might look like if our ideas grew wings, took flight and landed where our Right Livelihood GPS pointed.

And yet once we touch down and find the native people who dwell in our destination, we come into relationship with our vision in the hands of our tribe. If we're doing things right, we begin bumping into things. Bumping into each other. The furniture doesn't quite fit or match (are we still doing that?) or something. People tell you they like the dress on the mannequin in the window, but they don't like the color. Or they tell you they like the idea of the dress, but they want more, something else, something different.

Right here, we begin listening differently.

The one thing we absolutely know is that the world is straight out dying for our contribution. It is literally dying for all of us to succeed in the design of our lives. It's waiting for us to wake up and be who we already are. With that in mind, here are the lessons we've learned from our tribe:

  • From you, we have learned to listen more, talk less.
  • From you, we have learned adapt our teaching to the real life challenges you face. 
  • From you, we have learned to invite you to collaborate and share your expertise.
  • From you, we have learned to embrace your tribe.
  • From you, we have learned to be responsible for committing our considerable resources to raising up girls and women through a matrix of connections both digital and grounded. 
  • From you, we have learned we belong in every community where women have raised their voices, and we belong in every community where women can't raise their voices. Yet.
  • From you, we've learned to be patient, to wait; in good time, we'll hear your voice.

Our Special Gratitude List

We are deeply grateful for our connection, our collaboration, our conversations. And for those of you whom we haven't met, but cross paths in important ways on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, we send you winks all around:

The entire community of women at She Negotiates University

Desiree Adaway at for pointing to The Girl Effect

Sara Caputo at Radiant Organizing

CV Harquail at Authentic Organizations

Caroline Howard at

Whitney Johnson at Dare to Dream

Judy Martin at Worklife Nation

Liz O'Donnell at Hello Ladies

Katie Phillips

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Darryle Pollack at Choose You and Boobalas

Roxana Popescu at The Daily Asker

Xan Skinner at Just Mediation LLC

Chrysula Winegar at

Cali Yost at Work+Life Fit

CaZ Zulkosky at Writing Bytes


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Gratitude Annual Thanks, She Negotiates

Published on by Lisa Gates.