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Published on by Lisa Gates.

Sometimes we get discouraged.  And sometimes we get angry that we haven't licked this pay disparity thing after all these years of working and schooling and writing and politicking and raising our children and our children's children to respect the work of women in the world.  Like lawyers.  Women lawyers.  I'm one of those.  And like us or hate us, we've been around for a good long time now.  I graduated from law school in 1980.  That's (choke!) thirty years ago.  And I wasn't the first generation of women to go to law school in significant numbers.  My graduating class at the University of California, Davis was fifty percent women. I'll be featuring some of those women - where they've been and what they've done and where they're going in future months.

But right now, some of my sisters at the bar are suffering.  The American Bar Association Journal last week told us that there's a "deep vein of anger" among them because

"A recent Census Bureau report revealed that the median income of women lawyers is only 74 percent of that of male lawyers. Unfortunately, what starts as a $2,000 annual gap between male and female associates accelerates to a $66,000 annual gap between male and female equity partners," write Roberta Liebenberg and Catherine Lamboley in a letter introducing a report (PDF) on the survey, New Millenium, Same Glass Ceiling? The Impact of Law Firm Compensation Systems on Women.

I thought you said this was going to be a SPA MOMENT!!!!!

That's right.  I'm sorry.  Sometimes I forget to just chill a little.  To take a deep breath and remember that we're all in this together - men and women - people - on this extraordinarily beautiful planet of ours.  And I forget how magnificient we can be when we dream as far as our horizon.  That's why this week's She Negotiates Spa Moment is a six-minute meditation on the known universe.  Take the time.  Watch the entire video.  I guarantee you'll feel better right away.

There!  Don't you feel better already?

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Published on by Lisa Gates.