forbes woman launches the "she negotiates" column

Published on by Lisa Gates.

 We're pretty proud and happy to have launched our regular monthly "She Negotiates" column over at ForbesWoman, the rockingest women's magazine that's come down the pike since  . . . oh . . . Ms. Magazine strolled into the explosive women's movement in the early 1970's (yes, I was there).

The first topic for the new She Negotiates column is predictabley recession- and downturn-oriented - How to Negotiate Your Job Back.  We'll be writing about negotiating women once a month over at ForbesWoman and encourage you to get involved with the ForbesWoman linked in group here - a dynamic network where professionals, managers, executives and entrpreneurs meet to share resources, connect, support, mentor, learn and just generally blow the lid off of that tired old cliched glass ceiling.

We're here to change all that, as is the woman featured in the first She Negotiates column, a busy Los Angeles-based PR dynamo Lindsey Carnett.

"The CEO was about to tell me to pack up my desk and turn in my key-card when I put the brakes on the conversation," says Carnett.

"You can't be firing me," she told her employer.

"'Take a few days off,'" the CEO finally said, "Then let's finish this conversation."

Carnett didn't do what many of us might have done--consumed an entire sheet cake for instance--instead, she became her own PR agent.

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Can you really do that????

Yes, you can!  Take the next life-transforming "She Negotiates" class in September.  If you don't make up the cost of your school books, we'll give you your money back!

And, by the way, my husband, the Yalie lawyer at the prestigious law firm came home beaming yesterday saying, "I did what you told me to do and negotiated an additional two free months on my gym membership."  So, yes, we do share our skills with the guys ladies!

Thanks to the fabulous women at Forbes Women, including the brilliant and dynamic Sharon Gitelle and the best editor in town, Francesca Donner for giving us the opportunity to share our negotiation experience, strength and hope with the readers of ForbesWoman.

The next She Negotiates course begins on September 16 - sign up for the early bird special now!

Published on by Lisa Gates.