Our Open House and Five Houseparty Prizes

Published on by Lisa Gates.

Welcome to the She Negotiates Open House!

We'll be celebrating the opening of our new website and blog all weekend.  Take a look below. That link for comments. The red one. 

Here's all you have to do to win a houseparty prize:

Collect at least three "no's" this weekend.  Ask for something, anything, from someone other than the people who live with you.  Ask for a discount on a service, a product or a fee.  Ask someone at the grocery store whether you can cut in line.  Ask for a free sample.  Ask whether you can have the aisle seat if your ticket says you must sit in the middle.  Ask for a taste of the butter brickle ice cream at Baskin Robbins.  Ask someone to please put out their cigarette (cough, cough).  When someone says "no," ask them what - if anything - you could have said that would have inclined them to say "yes" instead.  Report back here.  The first five women who collect three no's and who leave comments saying: what they asked for; from whom they asked for it; what, if any, reason did they give when asking; and, what the nay-sayers said in response to the question get a free copy of Linda Babcock's and Sara Laschever's "Ask for It!" 

Send your mailing address to me at victoria@shenegotiates.com and your copy will be in your hands very very soon.

Happy hunting! 



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Published on by Lisa Gates.