why interest-based or integrative negotiation is important to women

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Another and related view of integrative [or interest-based] negotiation is that it must end with an improvement of the parties' situation.  Kersten, Gregory E., Modeling Distributive and Integrative Negotiations. Review and Revised Characterization 10 Group Decision and Negotiation 493 (2001) (at 13-14 on attached .pdf)

As Kersten explains:

The four key characteristics of integrative negotiation, which allow one to distinguish it from dis- tributive negotiation, are: creation of value, focus on interests not positions, openness and exchange of relevant information, learning and problem restructuring.

In the Master Class, we're drilling down into value creation and problem restructuring this week. 

What's interesting about the difficult article I've posted here is the author's attempt to create a mathematical model for an interest-based negotiation for the purpose of comparing its utility to distributive negotiation strategies. The resolution of this problem in economics (how do you model a process that involves the co-creation of new options based upon unknown resources and the imagination of the parties) is important to women because those studies "proving" that men are "better" negotiators rely upon distributive bargaining models.   As we've already noted, women are better at win-win or interest-based strategies and tactics.

In comparing the two forms of bargaining strategies, Kersten notes that:

Central to [the] conflict [created by distributive strategies] is the belief that there is a limited, controlled amount of key resources to be distributed—a ‘fixed pie’ situation. Both parties may want to be the winner; both may want more than half of what is available. …… The goals are mutually exclusive and hence lead to conflict. ... In contrast, in integrative negotiation the goals of the parties are not mutually exclusive.

Id. at 10-12.

I'm going to repeat that last sentence for those who "love the smell of napalm in the morning"

In integrative negotiation the goals of the parties are not mutually exclusive.

We'll come back to this topic later this week.


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Published on by Lisa Gates.