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She Negotiates!

Game Changing 4-Week Virtual Course: Sept. 13—Oct. 12

with Victoria Pynchon, Esq. and Lisa Gates, cpcc

This transformational negotiation course examines the way you value yourself, your services, your salary, your bonuses and your products. Through our interactive learning environment and weekly practicum calls, we give you the tools necessary to research and recalibrate your market value, and navigate the cultural and emotional stops along the way. You will learn the basics of both distributive and interest-based negotiation strategies, and explore the primary tactics used to negotiate the best deals for yourselves, your clients and your family.

Our Guarantee:

With concrete, actionable tools you can put to use immediately, you will capture far more than the cost of your investment in the first negotiation you conduct after the course is finished.

How it Works:

This is not an eCourse!

  • The course takes place at She Negotiates University, a virtual interactive learning community, and all course work and materials will be delivered there.
  • Homework assignments are completed in an online journaling format.
  • You'll navigate the real negotiation challenges you bring to the table—whether it’s something like a career move or pricing your services, or solving a noise problem in your apartment complex.
  • You'll learn how to influence your bargaining partner with aggressive opening offers.
  • You'll practice the techniques of anchoring and framing.
  • You'll be coached by attorney-mediator and negotiation trainer Victoria Pynchon and life-balance specialist Lisa Gates.
  • You'll receive comments and coaching on your homework and journal entries to help you perfect the negotiation techniques taught during the course.
  • Your coaches will host one live practicum teleconference per week to role play, answer questions and model the most efficient negotiation and persuasion techniques now being used by the best business schools in the country.

About Victoria Pynchon:

After a lifetime’s use of the legal weapons of mass destruction (litigation and trial) Victoria Pynchon finally stumbled upon the better way—consensual, negotiated, interest-based dispute resolution. Now, instead of bombing her adversaries back into the stone age, she helps the attorneys with and against whom she once fought, find mutually agreeable ways of resolving disputes that have languished for years (and sometimes decades) in California’s state and federal courts. Read Victoria's complete profilehere.

About Lisa Gates:

Lisa Gates is a consultant and certified co-active coach, and Lead Trainer at Balance University. In her spirited work with women executives and entrepreneurs, she rigorously guides women to show up powerfully and take a stand for themselves. She is devoted to helping women close the wage and income gap and design purposeful livelihoods so they may create a legacy of leadership and lasting change for themselves, their families and communities, and the world. Find out more here. 



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Published on by Lisa Gates.