What is She Negotiates University?

Published on by Lisa Gates.

Thanks for asking.

She Negotiates University is online learning for busy women professionals. We teach interest-based negotiation plus we collaborate with other professionals to deliver courses relevant to professional women and entrepreneurs (Productivity, Leadership, Balance, etc.). Now you can get powerful training without the time or expense of in-person workshops.

She Negotiates University is NOT eCourse learning. It's an interactive learning environment. It's like taking an online university course and blending it with social networking features (like Facebook). Course members create journal entries on the learning materials, homework and assignments. Your course leaders comment and coach each journal entry to deepen your learning. Your course is also supported by weekly live tele-coaching calls to assure the learning is relevant to you and consistently engaging and transformative.

Best of all, you can do the work on your schedule!

Here's what you can get for FREE:

You can join the She Negotiates University community for FREE right here. You can connect with other like minded women, participate in our forum, and each week you'll receive a journaling prompt designed to connect you with you. 

If you'd like more information about creating an interactive learning environment for your business, check out the folks at Journal Engine who built our site:  HERE.

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Published on by Lisa Gates.