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Published on by Lisa Gates.

(pictured:  Amanda Steinberg, founder and CEO of Soapbxx, Web Platforms for an Invested World)

Must read for entrepreneurs from ForbesWoman The VC Word:  Women and Venture Capital

I'm raising venture capital, and I'm a woman: This makes me an anomaly. According to a recent study by research firm CB Insights, 8% of venture capital-backed firms were led by women in the first half of 2010. This is an improvement--it was just 4% in 2000.

Eight percent is huge, ladies!  Although women start 40% of all businesses, they receive only 2.3% of all venture capital (Women Don't Ask).  Is it any surprise that the 96% of venture capitalists who are male award 97.7 percent of all venture capital to other men?

No one gives away economic or political power.  You/we must simply go get it.

So get on over to ForbesWoman today to see how the number of women venture capitalists has doubled in just a few short years and learn how you can find the equity capital you need to grow your business. 

Then ask yourself this question:

How can I double my business this year? 

Don't be shy about asking and don't ask for too little. 

Your future and the future of your daughters and grand-daughters depend upon it.  


Published on by Lisa Gates.