If it's a Women's World, Where's My Raise?

Published on by Lisa Gates.

I'm late to the 'end of men' party.  No one in my twitter, facebook, linkedin or blog networks alerted me to the July/August Atlantic cover article announcing the news with a question mark:

What if modern, postindustrial society is simply better suited to women?

I knew the recession (mancession) had hit the "overwhelmingly male" fields of construction, manufacturing and high finance far worse than any others.  But I was more than a little surprised to read that:

"...while female CEO's may be rare in America's largest companies . . . last year they outearned their male counterparts by 43 percent, on average, and received bigger raises."

Forty-three percent? Judy Martin, in town to give She Negotiates the media message make-over it so badly needs, gasps I don't believe it as we sit at our laptops to my guy's vast Labor Day irritation (he went to the gym; we'll put him to work at the Bar-b-Q soon). /1

Work Life Nation

You betcha!

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1/  It's an "outlier" statistic - comparing the salaries of the women CEO's (all 16 of them) at the helm of the S&P 500 to their 484 male counterparts




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Published on by Lisa Gates.