Learning to Live an Integrated Life

Published on by Lisa Gates.

Chrysula Winegar is an extraordinary teacher and coach working passionately to help individuals create flexible work cultures and integrated lives. Throughout her career she has been intrigued by the relationship between companies, individuals and their families.

When single, Chrysula wanted work choices that enabled travel opportunities, further study and end of life care in her extended family. As children arrived, she wanted work choices that honored her mothering and recognized her value and bottom-line contribution. Chrysula uses her extensive management experience in international marketing, training and organizational change, to write, advise and coach specifically on work life balance strategies. She writes:

We can't change the world if we can't create meaningful family cultures in our homes, and do more than just survive organizational culture in the workplace. I seek an integrated life. I define this as understanding and living my values in a purposeful and balanced way.

In her work today, she agitates for what she calls "the holy trinity of individual knowledge and responsibility, corporate culture and policy and careful base-line legislation,” and in a recent post she tells us why she does what she does for a living:

Our souls desire to behave in ways that line up with what we believe and value. That is called living an integrated life. When behavior matches values, we are whole. We live without apology, heads held high. Not in arrogance, but in quiet authority that we are on the right path.

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Published on by Lisa Gates.