4 Strategies for Launching a Revolution in Your Evolution in 2011

Published on by Lisa Gates.

Okay. We're done with the fruitcake frenzy. And we've made it through the first few days of 2011 in tact. Some of us may be trailing our resolutions behind us like crazy cousins we're obliged to introduce to all our friends. Or we may already be trying to catch up and hold on to our dreams as we ramp back up into the speed of life.

In my last post, I talked about the top three things women must negotiate to make 2011 a take-no-prisoners year. Rather than add to your list of human doings, here are four strategies, or ways of being you can practice all year long that will impact each and every goal you've set or resolution you've made. In fact, doing these four things will launch a revolution in your evolution for 2011. Here they are:

Tell the truth:

I really wanted to attend your party but I was working late and the kids had a meltdown when I came home and by the time things were calmed down it was too late. Besides, someone boxed me in and I couldn't get out of my parking space even if I wanted to. I'm sorry if you were counting on me. How can I make it up to you?

Say no:

I really don't have the time to add one more thing to my plate, but I guess I have to do this. I mean it won't look good if I don't. I'm really working at creating balance in my life right now. No thank you.

Stop talking:

I'm really working at creating balance in my life right now. No thank you. I mean, I'd really love to take on this project, and I know you're going to be disappointed in me, but I just feel really overwhelmed, and if I bring home one more project I think my husband will divorce me. You're not mad are you? Oh heck, just give it to me, I can do it. I don't know why I said no.

Turn your complaints into requests:

You know it really bothers me that you can't get things in on time. I'm constantly cleaning up after you and making excuses for your tardiness. I need you to finish your work on schedule. What do you need from me or anyone else to make that happen?


What will these four strategies do for your goals and resolutions? Your sense of life balance? Anything you want to add?

A Few More Choices for 2011:

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Published on by Lisa Gates.