Why Everything Apple Equals Love (Repost)

Published on by Lisa Gates.

By Lisa Gates ... Reposted from our Forbes Woman blog.

This might sound crazy, but I have a theory/opinion that love is the most desired outcome of negotiation. Successfully negotiating a contract, a new client relationship, a new car, the destination for your next family vacation, a brand relationship between a product and an athlete, a promotion—all demonstrate love as the primary driving force.

Sure, we work for money, we drive our cars in gridlocked traffic for hours, and we endure crushing amounts of intricate and numbing detail to execute contracts. But the reason we negotiate for a raise or a new BMW is the same reason we might flirt with a guy on the train: ultimately, we want to find ways to have and express love.

Not only do we look cool in our BMW, but when we park it in the driveway and walk in the door, we’re grateful the expensive little beast brought us home to our family, even if it’s a TV dinner night followed by homework squabbling.

Stay with me, because this is really all about Apple and two “little guy” stories that illustrate my theory.

We love our brands. I love Via Spiga shoes, but for me they don’t inspire the same adoration that Apple everything engenders. Apple makes people better negotiators because they make people want to negotiate. When you love something, you’ll negotiate like a ninja to get it.

It was the auspicious year of 1984 when Apple’s infamous Superbowl ad ran and  I got my first Mac. An actor friend low on cash needed to sell his brand new love for $300 to finance his move to New York in search of fame. I was doing temp work and theatre at the time and $300 bucks was a lot of money. But of course, I fell in love with the idea of having the coolest little box of possibility, so I negotiated paying my friend $100 a week for three weeks.

Thanks Steve Jobs for providing the tool that financed his dream and gave me the tool to write my first one-person show. More love.

Judy Goldstein is another actor friend who successfully negotiated through a frustrating tech repair for her MacBook back in 2009. Judy works for Kaiser Permanente’s Educational Theatre Program called “CareActors” in Los Angeles and she loves her job just about as much as he loves her MacBook. Indeed she couldn’t do life without both.

When she went to a local Apple authorized repair shop to deal with an overheating problem, the tech guy told her that since she’d “used a coin to unlock the battery” (as directed) and because not only did the battery pop out but so did the piece that unlocks it, she’d have to get warranty approval from Apple. Apple declined to repair it under the warranty due to Judy’s “fiddling.”

Judy, being tenacious, went up the tech food chain and found the buck-stops-here guy who also denied her claim and declared that he was “the final word.” After using the f-bomb and determined to find a solution, she did what any savvy 21st century human would. She asked Google to give her Steve Jobs email.


And Steve being Steve responded by asking his proxy to handle the repair. Not only did she get her MacBook repaired for free, Steve’s proxy called her a week later to see if she was happy.

And then Judy did what any 21st Century human in love with all-things-Apple would do. She sent a follow-up love letter to Steve:

“This letter is to commend Matthew Klinksick who was a tremendous help to me. After I sent an email to Mr. Jobs, I received a call from Matt who took care of my problem immediately. He followed up with me after my MacBook was repaired and made sure that I have his phone number should I need anything in the future. His actions and quick response changed the situation from Apple losing a 15-year customer to Apple gaining a customer for life.”

So, the rumors were true. Steve was the final word at Apple, the company all about love. Rest in peace, Steve.


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Published on by Lisa Gates.