Something Intuitively Delicious for December

Published on by Lisa Gates.

Right smack in the middle of the most festive month of the year is an opportunity to do something delicious for yourselves that will carry you through the holidays and into 2012 with direction and ease.

My good friend and colleague Paula Gregorowicz is hosting The 12 Transformative Days of Intuitive Intelligence™ starting December 1. She wants you to be her guest as she brings together eleven leading experts from North America to learn about how to breakthrough the struggle to greater freedom and far more satisfying results  (and yours truly is one of these leading experts!).

On December 9, I will be leading a session called, "Peace Treaties and Toilet Seats." It's a gift you can give yourself for the holidays to learn a simple, repeatable process for having conversations that lead to agreement, from the dining room to the conference room. I will guide you through a 10-step process for discovering the hidden interests in all conversations (negotiations), how to employ diagnostic questions to seek mutual understanding, and how to use brainstorming to move past impasse and reach agreement.

Here’s more in Paula’s own words about what you can expect to receive from this event….

Like you, I have struggled with making the right choices along my path. In fact I spent years dying on the vine in a corporate career that did not fit who I was; trying to pretend to be someone I was not in order to gain other’s approval and be successful. The problem with this path was that in the quest to feel validated and chase after someone else’s definition of success, I lost myself. I lost touch with what was really special about me.  The very purpose I was put on the planet to live and the reason why I was gifted with my own unique passions, talents, and ways of being in the world. Something was missing and while I appeared successful, confident, and put-together on the outside, on the inside it pained me deeply. I learned how to access and listen to my natural gift of intuition. I deepened my trust in this gift and it has made all the difference. While it didn’t always “make sense” it always pointed to the wise next step.  This is what I want for you too.

Intuitive Intelligence™ is about harnessing the power of your intuition and your intelligence for exponentially richer experiences and greater results.

This is why Paula has personally hand-picked leading experts from North America to help you in activating your own Intuitive Intelligence™ in all areas of your life and business.  For the first-time ever this powerful group will be together, coming to you live via phone over the course of 2 weeks to share with you their expertise in everything from soul’s purpose to health/weight loss to attracting clients to boosting your bottom line to deepening your intuitive gifts. 

The collective energy created by all of us joining forces over a short period of time will literally move mountains – for you personally and for the world, frankly. Because everything you are and everything you do has a ripple effect. 

The whole summit is only $97—and that's what, $8 per class? So grab your comfy virtual chair here and enjoy.


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Published on by Lisa Gates.