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Published on by Lisa Gates.

As we come to the close of 2011 and grateful that we're once again able to clear the decks and hit the re-set button on our lives, we've developed something special to bring your 2012 into focus and year-long accountability:





The Daily Thrive Launches January 30!

The Daily Thrive grew out of our negotiation courses, and the persistent set of wishes and concerns our students voiced, so we decided to find a way to answer those questions.

We gathered our collaborators—all accomplished women and experts in their fields—and together we've been working for over a year to design and deliver a learning experience that meets the needs of high achieving, busy women like you.

We'll answer questions like:

  • How can I get more productive, increase my income and carve out time for savoring my life?
  • It’s one thing to ask for a raise, but how do I turn around and put the brakes on my spending habits?
  • How do I reliably manage my work flow, and track and handle the mountain of daily to-dos and emails?
  • How do I overcome my resistance to networking, leverage my social capital and put my leadership goals in action?
  • How do I translate my success into something that impacts the world in a meaningful way?
  • How do I learn to say yes to the things I value and no the things I don’t?
  • How do I nourish me? How do I do me?

If you’re asking those questions too, you’re in the right place because we’re going to give you the goods, the learning, and the support in a way that won’t suck up your precious time and energy.

The difference is, this time, you’re going to do it.

The Daily Thrive is carefully curated actionable learning in negotiation, balance, productivity, money therapy, everyday technology and nourishment. Every day you’ll get one tiny blast of learning to your inbox. That same blast will be posted online in The Daily Thrive for you to comment on, and connect with everyone else in the Daily Thrive Tribe.

This is where we’ll be too, your experts, standing by to give you coaching, a nudge, a high five, and to help you lock in your accountability.

We like to think of The Daily Thrive as an adult, women-only study hall with the occasional kick in the pants.

We also have a selection of jam sessions or self study courses you can do in your pjs, plus specially curated forums designed to connect you up, boost your leadership, promote your work, perfect your pitch, and put your priorities and goals in serious action.

And every other month, we’ll host tele-classes, what we call Ten Buck Talks, with special guest experts on topics like raising venture capital, building social capital, sponsoring and mentorship, entrepreneurship and fee setting, feminism, leadership and spirituality.

And we’re going to give half of the proceeds of every ten buck talk to an organization whose mission is to forward the wellbeing of women and girls around the world.

It’s all advertising free, no hype, no selling. Promise. 

We’re going to cover female ground zero here women, and you're goint to learn it, do it and thrive.

Please follow this link over to The Daily Thrive to get on our mailing list so we can send you the join link on January 30—and learn about our special perks! 

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Published on by Lisa Gates.