3 Great Coaching Opportunities with She Negotiates University Experts Starting in May

Published on by Lisa Gates.

The She Negotiates University team is staffed by some uber talented experts. You not only get learning opportunities with cofounders Lisa Gates and Victoria Pynchon, you get treated to the benefit of our collaboration with experts in other fields to round out our teaching and training possibilities, including Chrysual Winegar (Work.Life.Balance.), Candy Zulkosky (myTechDiva), and Sara Caputo (Radiant Organizing).

This month we have three great group coaching opportunities with coaches Lisa Gates, Chrysula Winegar and Candy Zulkosky. Pick your passion (poison?). Only 4 people can be accommodated in each, so be sure to respond as soon as possible.




Lisa Gates, CPCCwith Lisa Gates, CPCC
Cofounder, Trainer and Coach

$250/month for 3 months
Wednesdays at 5 p.m. PT / 8 ET
75 minutes / 4 people max
12 sessions, May 18--Aug 3

If you're launching a business or re-shaping your existing one, planning an escape from the cubicle, writing a book or noodling a big idea into being, you will love the swift focusing and planning, as well as the accountability of this high level group. Lisa is a certified coach with a background in the arts and business, including marketing and public relations. She is well-loved for her humor and rigor, and her ability to brainstorm and generate ideas that put ground under your ideas with structure, heart and creativity.


CaZ, Tech DivaCandy Zulkosky, CaZ
Technology Coach, Writer and Founder of MyTechDiva.com

$250/month for 3 months
Mondays at 5 p.m. PT / 8 ET
60-75 minutes / 4 people max
12 sessions, May 23--Aug 8

Overwhelming. Elusive. Scary. Frustrating. Do you use these adjectives to describe the productivity tools you need to master? If everyone around you finds technology easy and all you see is a looming cliff, let's begin that climb together. In this high-level coaching group, you will learn to:

  • Use the B.E.T.T.E.R way to manage your email
  • Get your photos off the thumb drive, out of the shoe box, and into an organized system that works for you
  • Finally 'get' what social media is all about and begin to use Twitter or LinkedIn or Facebook as the valuable tools they truly are.

CaZ is a lifelong teacher and trainer with a focus on teaching adults how to get past technology overwhelm. She has a gift for transcending complex topics. Combine that with a passion for communication and you gain an understanding of how to use your tools instead of fighting them.


Chrysula Winegar, MScwith Chrysula Winegar, MSc
Trainer, Coach and Advocate for all things WORK. LIFE. BALANCE.

$250/month for 3 months
Thursdays at 5 p.m. PT / 8 ET
75 minutes / 4 people max
12 sessions, May 26--Aug 11

You're drowning in tasks and a list of priorities longer than you can possibly fit into any reasonable life, and your dreams of contribution, progression and quality time with those you love are getting way-laid. It's time for *the* conversation. With your spouse. With your kids. With your communities. With your boss. And then there's the big one... with your self. Get grounded in your values all over again, and then arm yourself with knowledge, a sound business case, and a team of cheerleaders to truly, consciously craft the life balance that makes sense for you.

Chrysula is a trainer and coach and is obsessed with work and home life policies and practices that actually work for our lives. What do you really want? She'll help you create your case and hold you accountable while you go and get it.

Each coaching group includes a private journaling space at She Negotiates University for members of your coaching group to share progress and get coaching between calls, and share learning materials.

Email us HERE to tell us which group you want to join. Only 4 women can be accommodated in each group, so contact us today!

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Published on by Lisa Gates.