Ready for the 90-Minute Shift Intensive with Coach Lisa Gates?

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Coaching with Lisa Gates is a game changer, women. Blending the core strategies of personal development coaching, business development strategy, negotiation and productivity, you'll unravel the knot of busyness and knee-jerk living and become fluent in the Language of No so you can find your most natural, Authentic Yes. 

You'll learn how to show up powerfully and take a stand for yourself, to design a purposeful livelihood that closes the wage and income gap, and to create a legacy of leadership and lasting change for you, your family, your community and the world.

Yes, it's that big.


A 90-minute deep look at a specific challenge or issue in your life for the express purpose of getting out of your own way, and recalibrating and redirecting your choices. Requires advance prep work and questionnaire to focus your session.





Lisa invites all her ongoing clients to join She Negotiates University where you will be given access to a private workspace. Here's why: Your work will be supported by ongoing private journaling with coaching and feedback from Lisa. Journaling not only increases the interaction possibilities with Lisa (great ROI), it keeps you in the work, accelerates and deepens your process, and takes accountability through the roof.

Questions? Contact Lisa HERE.

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Published on by Lisa Gates.