Why Free Information is Mostly a Waste of Your Time

Published on by Lisa Gates.

"On the one hand information wants to be expensive, because it's so valuable. The right information in the right place just changes your life. On the other hand, information wants to be free, because the cost of getting it out is getting lower and lower all the time. So you have these two fighting against each other."  ~ Stuart Brand, Whole Earth Catalog

So let’s say you want to learn how to negotiate, get more productive, curb your spending, automate your email, eat nutritious meals, and get your life in balance.

You can read books, download ebooks, subscribe to newsletters, collect blogs in your RSS reader, go to YouTube and Google, and find just about anything you want to know. So why would you pay for learning if you can get it all for free? I’ll give you three reasons:

Quality and Context and Time



We routinely read blogs and articles about negotiation that advise against being the first to put a number on the table in a negotiation. This is really bad advice because research and experience illustrate that anchoring your price or fee first strongly influences the outcome of the negotiation in your favor. Once an anchor enters the space, the conversation will revolve around that number for the duration.

The problem is we women tend to anchor low, miserably low, so waiting to see what’s offered seems like a good choice. The “nice” choice. You can always counter offer higher, right? Good luck with that. Women also loathe making counter offers and routinely accept whatever they’re offered.

You get what you pay for. And this leads me to context.


Real learning requires interaction with the subject in a way that moves it from intellectual to practical. Anyone can read a book about negotiation and feel armed and dangerous. But until you apply the learning in your real life, it’s a bit shallow and results will be sketchy. Unpredictable.

After training hundreds of women, we know this: women learn best when the material is supported by expert feedback, deepened by a collaborative group experience that allows them to experiment and make mistakes, and when the learning focuses on unwinding our cultural influences.


How much time do you even have to read this post? And aren't you just a bit annoyed that it's longer than 200 words? Your time matters.

Who has time to run all over the Internet and subscribe to yet another newsletter you’re not going to read? Or emails full of advertising? If you’re productivity challenged, and we all are, paying for high quality, interactive online adult learning that’s precise and efficient just makes practical, time-is-money sense.

Our Bottom Line


We’ve just spent a little under a year developing The Daily Thrive learning community to curate the ground zero, actionable learning women crave and we’re happy to say we’re live, launched and loving it.

The Daily Thrive experts deliver daily blasts of learning on the topics of balance, productivity, negotiation, money therapy, everyday technology and nourishment—with coaching and feedback.

In addition to our daily blasts, we have a collection of Jam Sessions (self-study courses) to go in deep on the subjects we teach.

We’ve also gathered women thought leaders and experts for our public, bi-monthly Ten Buck Talks—robust career and business conversations featuring the likes of Gloria Feldt, feminist activist and author of No Excuses; Whitney Johnson, Venture Capitalist and author of the upcoming Dare. Dream. Do; and Lynda Weinman of Lynda.com.

$20 Bucks a Month?

That’s five bucks a week, payable monthly. And your first two weeks are on us. Free. (Ironic, huh? We did that so you could vet free vs. expensive :)

Our money expert breaks it down like this: that's one latte a week, one ATM visit for an Andrew Jackson just in case you need it. Or on an annual basis, that's less than the New York Times, and about the same as a great pair of killer heels.

$20, no coffee breath, no tree killing, and no calf-shortening. And it's ad free.

So ladies, what we're modeling is that you’re worth it and so are we. Join us here.


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Published on by Lisa Gates.