Empower Yourself and Close Your Wage Gap with Our Free Self Guided Negotiation Resources

Published on by Lisa Gates.

We've recently added some free resources to our site to help you do a little self-guided negotiation work. Here's what's available:

How to Source and Research What You're Really Worth

You know you need to close your wage gap, so start here.

Negotiation Preparation Worksheet

A super thorough worksheet for preparing for any negotiation here.

Negotiation Terms and Definitions

Just the basics, simply defined, here.

Diagnostic Questions

Asking open-ended, diagnostic questions is the backbone of interest-based negotiation. Here's a list to get you started.

Looking Back to Move Forward

You've heard of life mapping...well, think of this as career mapping. Essential if you're thinking of a career transition or wondering how to communicate your unique value. Here.

7 Ways to Say No

Short. Simple. And you know you need this. Here.

Take a look at what else we've included here on our RESOURCES page.


Here's a really valuable, almost free resource: Check out our online video tutorials on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution at lynda.com. For less than a tank of gas, including a free 7-day trial, you'll be armed with the strategies and tactics of interest-based negotiation and conflict resolution skills.

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Published on by Lisa Gates.