Are You Dabbling in Your Career? Your Business?

Published on by Lisa Gates.

When it comes to your career, your business, your life, if you could ask for anything and get it, would you hesitate?

We don't think so. When we're learning to ask for what we want, we're often stumped by gender blowback when pricing our services, seeking a raise, or asking for benefits. In fact, women expect to earn 20-30% of what men expect to earn. This is part of a vicious cycle of historically low pay for women and “women’s work.”

So, Victoria and I have two options for you to up your game, and dive into 2013 with new skills and clear focus.

Build Your Negotiation Muscle

4-Session Webinar
January 15 through February 5.
Information and registration here.

Up Your Game

8-Session Group Mastermind
January 28 through March 25
Information and registration here.

Looking forward to working with you! And please do pass along to your friends and colleagues!

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Published on by Lisa Gates.