What to Do on Equal Pay Day 2013

Published on by Lisa Gates.

Today is Equal Pay Day. That doesn't mean we're all going to walk into our workplaces and magically get a raise. This is the day on which we women finally catch up to what the guys have been making since Janauary 1.

This is the day you take the wage gap personally. 

This is the day you decide to negotiate your true market value.

This is the day you recognize that when you go into your salary negotiation and anchor (put a number on the table) and you close your wage gap, you a doing a service not only for yourself, but for every woman.

This is the day you realize that the personal is political, and that asking for what you deserve makes you a foot soldier in the Women's Movement. 

This is the day you really get that when you close your personal wage gap, you will never again judge a woman who raises her hand, speaks up, asks for what she wants--and gets it.

Your homework is to resolve to do something about your economic reality and our collective cultural reality. Learn to negotiate. 

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Published on by Lisa Gates.