Asking Challenge: Get 10 NOs

Published on by Lisa Gates.

Remember this: your opportunity to negotiate occurs when you hear the word NO. When you get to impasse. Up until that point it's just an ask. If you hear the word YES, well, there's nothing to negotiate really.

So your challenge this week is to get 10 Nos. Why? To get over the fear of rejection, and that pinch in your gut that makes you want to walk away...when you feel like saying, "oh nevermind."

You see, you aren't responsible for how people respond or react. They are. Being told NO is not an indictment of your character. What you do with the word NO is a character builder.

some possible asks

Ask the gas station owner if you can pay 25 cents less per gallon.
Ask to bring your dog to work.
Ask your landlord to lower your rent.
Ask for the matinee price for an evening movie.
Ask for an extra week of paid vacation time.
Ask to sit in an empty first class seat on your next flight.

You will likely be asked why you want what you want. Any credible (or incredible) reason is better than none, so be ready to answer.

Happy NO getting!


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Published on by Lisa Gates.