Asking Challenge Week 4: Step it UP

Published on by Lisa Gates.

step it up!

This week is only for those of you who are serious about putting your personal and professional goals front and center.

This week--say today, or right now--make a list of three or four things you know you need to negotiate. The items on your list should not be no-brainers. In fact, they may take some preparation, so make sure you download our "Negotiation Prep Worksheet" here.

Next, prioritize your list from easiest to most challenging and commit to each by adding them to your calendar on a specific day.

And finally, reflect and write notes on your process. What worked well and what didn't? Did you prepare adequately? Did you correctly assess your bargaining power? How well did you anticipate the interests and behavior of your conversation partner?

some possible asks

  • If you're interning for free, ask for a permanent, paid position (anchor high).
  • If you're a secretary, but you're training everyone in the office on all kinds of systems, ask for a new title and salary (how does "productivity specialist" sound?).
  • If you've been doing the work of three people for the past three years with no raise, rewrite your job description and title--and make your case to the decision maker.

Comment away on your experiences please...

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Published on by Lisa Gates.