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Published on by Lisa Gates.

It's no secret we train women to negotiate and we're pretty darned successful doing so. In addition to our consulting and coaching, we train inside organizations, we hold public workshops, and we offer a unique "build it and we will come" option to any group.

What you might not know is we now have three online video tutorials running at -- the premiere online learning site for business, software and creative skills. Here's what we offer:

Negotiation Fundamentals

Demonstrates the skills empowered communicators use to achieve mutual benefit results at the negotiation table. The course delivers repeatable strategies for negotiating common issues such as asking for a raise, setting fees, promoting teamwork, and bringing out the best in those you manage.

Conflict Resolution Fundamentals

Discover how to improve your relationships with your coworkers, clients, reports, and supervisors and find your way through conflict back to cooperation.

Coaching and Developing Employees

Learn the benefits of developing your team and helping employees build their skills in ways that transform and empower them to do more productive and engaging work. Then discover how to build your own leadership and coaching skills and equip yourself with tools that encourage insight and growth.

Monthly memberships start at $25/month and you can access not only our courses, but nearly 2,000 others, and you can watch them at your own time anywhere you are.

Here's a link to get you started with your 7-day free trial.

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Published on by Lisa Gates.