The Asking Challenge

Published on by Lisa Gates.


I am ever grateful to Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever, authors ofWomen Don't Ask and Ask for It, for providing the fuel that's started the multiple fires burning across the women's negotiation landscape. If not for their work, I'm certain She Negotiates would never have ignited. 

To give Linda and Sara homage, I want to take you into what they call the "negotiation gym." For six weeks, we'll challenge you to negotiate the little things...all the way on up to the VERY BIG THINGS...with a series of challenges.

All along the way, we want you to report back. Tell us your story in taking on the challenges. Why? We'll respond! You'll learn something new. No, we are not giving away prizes, except those that come from engaging and changing your experience of yourself.

this week's challenge:

Easy Warm Ups: You won't be devastated if you don't get it.

  • Ask for something you're pretty sure you can get.
  • Ask for something you'd like to get but won't care much if you don't.
  • Ask for something from a complete stranger, someone who doesn't know you and you'll probably never see again.
  • Ask for something that you feel comfortable asking for, where doing so doesn't make you anxious.
  • Ask for something you know will be easy for the other side to give you.


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Published on by Lisa Gates.