Final Asking Challenge: No Apologizing!

Published on by Lisa Gates.

Okay, this is it. If you've been ignoring this series, this is our final asking challenge based on Babcock and Laschever's book, "Ask for It."

We've been dealing with our resistance to negotiation (conversations leading to agreement) by starting with the easy stuff and moving up through increasing cringe levels.

So here we are, at the highest cringe level. And your assignment is to ask for something big that you really want. Something you think is really not okay to want. Something you think would make you seem greedy or selfish if you asked for it. 

the kicker

Fight the impulse to apologize or feel bad about your ask. And don't scale back your request out of fear that you're overreaching.

the reward

You could actually get something you really want. You could succeed. And you'd then have an experience that's infinitely repeatable.

a good idea

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Published on by Lisa Gates.