Equal Pay Day Poetry Challenge: Our Winners!

Published on by Victoria Pynchon.

Congratulations to the winners of our #PoeticJustice She Negotiates Equal Pay Day Poetry Challenge! They are as follows:

  1. Anna Weick - winner of our June online negotiation course, Strategic Conversations: How to Network, Influence, Negotiate and Lead.
  2. Alison Mostert - winner of a 90-minute consultation with Victoria
  3. Liz Keith - winner of a 90-minute consultation with Lisa
  4. Amira Maria Jan - winner of a free ride on our Close the Gap App
  5. Rebecca Jaynes - winner of a free ride on our Close the Gap App
  6. Emily Vrotsos - winner of a free ride on our Close the Gap App
  7. Jen Olsen - we're figuring out something special for you :-)

Please contact me at erin@shenegotiates.com for further details on your prizes, my lovely poets!

And with that, I would like to close with a few thoughts on Hamlet (as one does in these situations, obviously).

Hamlet, for me, has always been a play about the choices we make (or don't make) in the face of unknown consequences. While we know the Melancholy Dane was all wrong for Ophelia (that boy had much too much to be going on with to be a good boyfriend, deal with your mom and your dead dad, son) his is a particularly potent cautionary tale against "bear[ing] those ills we have, than fly[ing] to others we know not of." As he calls it, "the undiscovered country, from whose bourn no traveler returns."

There’s a lot in all our lives that could probably be filed into the “Undiscovered Country” folder, filled to bursting with apprehensions and aspirations we're too afraid to open for fear of being confronted by our own inadequacy.

Maybe the challenge is to keep taking it out periodically and go through the contents, so it doesn’t take over the entire filing cabinet while our backs are turned. Or in Hamlet's case, a throne room full of dead relations and courtiers and Ophelia long since floated downstream.

But in Diane Fahey's version, things do not end with her simply saying, "I hope all will be well." All is well.

Keep your hope stronger than your fear. All will be well.

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Published on by Victoria Pynchon.