How to turn "Eww, Negotiation" into "Ahh, Conversation!"

Published on by Lisa Gates.

No matter what you do for a living, you are negotiating something every single day. And in our training and consulting experience, every woman from cashier to CEO at some point in her career runs into trouble with with asking for what she wants and what she's worth.

Ready to change all that?

Our 4-week online course--Strategic Conversations: How to Network, Influence, Negotiate and Lead--starts June 9.

Get ready to do some serious learning, ladies. Strategic Conversations is not one of those typical take-a-nap webinars! You will not want to check your email or file your nails while the trainer blathers.

Rather than blather, we’re going to engage in the material in a highly practical, interactive way that will take your skills and career plans to the next level, build your network, and make you feel ready to take on the world.


Fear of conflict, rejection and the word no. Fear of asking for too much. Fear of being perceived as demanding or selfish. Underestimating your value. Not having a strategic plan. Constantly over delivering without recognition, promotion or raises. Having responsibility but no authority.

In Strategic Conversations you can turn all the noise off and get busy getting what you want and deserve.

Here's who this course is for:

  • Women who want to ascend to the next level, remove the barriers to success, and deal with the pesky double-bind cultural issues (you know, "don't be bossy, but don't be a wimp" or "don't be selfish, but don't be a doormat").
  • Women who are engaged in their work and passionate about it--whether you're an employee or run a business of your own.
  • Work teams, affinity groups, women's initiatives and even mastermind groups who know that learning to negotiate is key to your personal and professional aspirations.

For more info, course outline and to register, go here.

  • June 9, 16, 23, 30
  • 3 P.M. PT  |  6 P.M. ET
  • Only 20 spaces
  • $395 (4-payment plan available through May 19)

"Most people are insecure about the way they negotiate. As part of our ongoing programming for women at Shutterstock, there was overwhelming interest in negotiation training. We realized that across departments, everyone needs to negotiate internally and externally on a daily basis.  She Negotiates stood out as the obvious choice from the many options we explored. Lisa tailored a workshop specifically to our needs. Her deep knowledge and warm demeanor made her an excellent instructor. The highly anticipated workshop filled up quickly, and the roleplaying exercises and variety of strategies provided skills that were immediately applicable. Lisa also provided a structure for us to continue developing independently and to support each other across departments."-   --Erin McCue, UX Designer, Shutterstock, Inc.

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Published on by Lisa Gates.