5 Ways to Up the Ante and get the recognition, position and life you deserve

Published on by Lisa Gates.

Showing up and doing a great job doesn’t cut it anymore.

We know, we know. It sucks that doing a killer job alone doesn’t launch people into the positions and places they deserve. It is a huge bummer that asking for what you want sometimes feels selfish and networking feels like bragging. It’s seriously messed that so many incredible professionals aren’t aware of their worth, let alone how to get compensated for it.

But it’s reality.

And the biggest bummer of it all is that women tend to be the last people to accept it. And the last to act on it.

We can help you change all that. You’re already figuring out that negotiation skills are a deal-breaker, or rather, a deal-maker. You’ve figured out that no one is sitting around just giving money or power away and that you’re gonna have to learn how to ask for what you deserve (hint: everything.)

  • We think it’s time to stop letting everyone else have all the fun.
  • It’s time to walk and talk about your unique value in a way that makes people stop and listen, and pay up.
  • It’s time to up the ante and get the recognition, position, and life that you deserve. And then some.

5 ways to up the ante on your career

  1. Take our signature online course. Strategic Conversations: How to Network, Influence, Negotiate and Lead. Starts September 8. Limited to 20 women to assure personal attention, with lots of practice and roleplays. Register here.
  2. Gather a group of women from your organization or group and schedule our signature training when it works best for you. Roleplays will be customized to fit your needs. Complete our training request here.
  3. If you’re looking for a super affordable on-demand online course, check out our video tutorials at lynda.com here.
  4. Have a deal you want to broker or a top-level compensation package? Hire Victoria as your consultant here.
  5. If you’re a careerist and want to navigate a big transition, or an entrepreneur who wants to refine your rates and retainers, hire Lisa as your consultant here.

A word or two about our consulting...

Our mission is plain and simple: to transform women's lives and to have a hell of a good time while we're at it.

That’s a big claim, so how do you we do it?

Well for starters, we help you design a written step-by-step plan to achieve those goals of yours. Goals that will put you in the driver’s seat of your own business or career; getting what you want, when you want it, and with terms that make you deliriously happy.

Here’s the truth: people enable themselves to move in the direction of what they want when they acknowledge that there’s something burning inside of them. What to do with ‘that something’ is what most people can’t figure out.  But we can. And we’ll do that with you: identify the obstacles, craft a plan, and learn how to negotiate it. All of it.

Listen...it’s not about platitudes and theories. It’s about outcomes.

We don’t catch and release you into churning waters with your new plan, we stay with you every step of the way, helping you negotiate -- and we even write scripts for specific deal points.


Settle down. It’s just a conversation that leads to agreement. You’re good at that. Conversation, that is. And you love agreement. The burn is, you’re already a great negotiator...just for everyone else. Now’s the time to use it in your favor. We help you tap into your natural skills and refocus them so that they start to serve your needs.

All without changing a thing about who you are

We want to be the place where you discover your real value and then shout it out loud; where you get back to the person you were when you had more dreams and less cynicism; where you find out how to wake up in the morning passionate about what you’re about to do; where you feel good about yourself again.


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Published on by Lisa Gates.