Help Your Negotiation Consultant Help You

Published on by Victoria Pynchon.

If you're using a business consultant, you're far from alone. Last year, Bloomberg Business reported that management consulting in the U.S. had generated $39.3 billion in revenues the previous year.

That's a lot of money to waste.

Few executives and managers, however, are skilled at the effective use of consulting services. And too few consultants know how to best advise their business clients.

I've been in the consulting business since I was 28 years old, providing legal advice to individuals, partnerships, corporate executives and in-house counsel. I didn't think of myself as a consultant at the time. I thought of myself as a trained assassin. The more I consult with businesses, however, the more I realize I'm doing what I did my entire career, just without an opponent countering my every move.

They teach lawyers on day one that what you need to convince another lawyer (i.e., a Judge) is authority and you grow used to having authority beneath your feet. When I asked myself how clients could best help their consultants help them, I turned to health care professionals who pioneered the field of shared decision-making. That, after all, is what consulting is. Shared decision-making

Here then are the top 5 strategies recommended by medical providers, re-cast to help you help your consultant help you.

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Published on by Victoria Pynchon.