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  • Higher salary
  • New position or job
  • Better compensation package
  • Improved working relationship with your boss
  • Better relationships with difficult co-workers or clients
  • Flexibility in your schedule
  • Resources you need to succeed


  • Discover how to accurately value your services based on research and comparables
  • Know your market and how your market values your services
  • Create wiggle room
  • Learn how to invest your clients in you and present your value objectively
  • Clarify your brand, refine your niche and set you fees


You can hire me hourly at $350, or we can negotiate a flat fee arrangement. Click on the "I'm Ready" button for fee detail and to get started.


On the fence? Try Lisa's 90-minute Strategy Sessions for $495 to focus in on your most urgent need.

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Lisa Gates

Negotiation Consultant and Executive Coach

You are great at what you do, but things could be a lot better, right?

You just got a job offer and the thought of negotiating—and you know you need to—makes you queasy and a little freaked out.

You’ve been working your tail off and haven’t had a raise in, well, forever. Maybe never. And you need a plan. A strategy.

You’re feeling like things are flatlining and you think a chunky lateral move or new job would shake things up for you.

You work with some touchy personalities—the silent and underhanded, or the constant interrupter, or the gladhanding dude who takes credit for your work and calls you “cutie”—and it’s time to learn how to deal with conflict and bias.

And maybe you’ve taken your hard earned education, experience, skills and strengths and started a business of your own, and now you need to crack the code on setting your rates and pricing your services.

That’s great, and you’re in the right place.

You might hire me to coach you through some career challenges, and then bam, an opportunity for a promotion and raise shows up.

Or you might hire me as your negotiation consultant to help you land a new job or promotion, and stick around for coaching to help you hit your goals out of the park.

Or you might hire me as your negotiation consultant to help you raise your rates, price you services, and build scripts to help you strategically and reliably get the business.

You ready?

I help ambitious, smart women like you get what you want and deserve, now.  

I help you connect your self worth with your net worth because you deserve to be paid well and treated well.

Here's a sampling of what you can expect:

  • Develop narratives that you can tell to succinctly and conversationally express your undeniable value in a way that maps to your employer’s interests.

  • Identify influencers who can use their social capital on your behalf for hiring or promotion, or developing business.

  • Master the subtleties of “The Ask” and how to articulately sequence it in order to maximize your opportunities while also solving your employer’s pain points. 

  • Craft scripts for specific deal points that will help you move past potential resistance or objection.

I help you write a tailored step-by-step strategic plan to achieve those goals of yours. Goals that will put you in the driver's seat of your own business or career. Getting what you want, when you want it, and with terms that make you deliriously happy.'s not about platitudes and theories. It's about outcomes. I don't catch and release you into churning waters with your new plan, I stay with you every step of the way, helping you negotiate. And I even write scripts for specific deal points.

Praise for Lisa

"What Lisa does is pure genius! Her insights, knowledge of the material and thoughtlful consideration of the situation are first rate. I could not recommend her more highly. Worth every penny!" 

- K.A., Therapist

"Lisa is a top-notch consultant. She has a razor sharp focus that keeps her coaching practical and action-oriented. She's warm and compassionate, shows genuine interest and concern, and really knows her stuff! In two hours of negotiation consulting, she took me from dread to confident. I have already recommended her to my network and wouldn't hesitate to work with her again."

- Rebecca Dempster, Founder of

"Lisa is an outstanding facilitator and coach, teaching classes that pay for themselves. When I enrolled in one of her mastermind groups, I learned that she is also an insightful marketer. Her comments about my website brought in business that contributed to tripling my income. Hire this woman."

- Linda Gryczan, Mediator

"Every cent I paid Lisa for negotiation coaching before talking to my new bosses about salary was money well spent. I believe that my investment will have paid over a 1500% return in the first year at this job...based on the difference between their initial offer and our eventual agreement." 

- C. Businelle

"Lisa Gates is a knock-out coach. Her hilarious sense of humor combined with razor-like insistence in accountability makes her one of the most powerful coaches I've ever met. She goes deep, makes me take responsibility, stop blaming others, calls me on my BS, and stands for my leadership at work. Coaching is an amazing process. Just do it."

- B. Anderson, HR DIrector