NHRA Webinar: Career Oxygen
11:30 am11:30

NHRA Webinar: Career Oxygen

Whether you're in a job interview or performance review, at a networking event, or trying to build your internal influence, how do you stop conforming to those pesky gender expectations and get the workplace to conform to you?

Webinar: Deep-Dive on Negotiation Leverage
6:00 pm18:00

Webinar: Deep-Dive on Negotiation Leverage

In this online deep-dive session, She Negotiates consultant Jamie Lee will walk you through

  • Three types of negotiation leverage and the best times to use them
  • Strategies to gain leverage while navigating power differentials in workplace negotiation
  • Tactics, pitfalls and scripts for maximizing your leverage in all types of negotiation
  • The negotiation "do's" that lead to win-win outcomes and "don'ts" to avoid
Lesbians Who Tech NY Summit
12:10 pm12:10

Lesbians Who Tech NY Summit

Negotiation Consultant and Public Speaker Jamie Lee will present hands-on workshop "Negotiating with Confidence and Power" at Lesbians Who Tech NY Summit on September 24 at NYU Law School. 

Career Oxygen
Nov 14

Career Oxygen

Career Oxygen Workshop from She Negotiates -- tools for breathing life into your future...