Our Mission

It's audaciously simple: our mission is to transform your life. 

It's a big claim, so how do we do it? In a nutshell, we teach you how to negotiate and help you implement what you learn. 

We offer one-on-one salary and business consulting, executive coaching, and group negotiation and leadership training to companies and organizations—all clients who routinely tell us our work has changed everything. Why? Because we provide the kind of tools and strategies that generate not only more opportunity, more money, and more results, but also more confidence and yes, happiness. 

And when it comes to women, we know the personal, cultural and political landscapes that impact your ability to ask for what you want and move forward. We are ready, willing, and wildly able to equip you to overcome the obstacles, and get what you want out of life.

Not just because you demand it or deserve it, but because the world needs what you have to offer, and without women, business suffers (people and profits).


Our People


Victoria Pynchon

T: +1 (323) 852-1535

E: victoria.pynchon@gmail.com

I want to help women in positions of power subvert workplace structures and advance the cause of all women. I want to champion interest-based, collaborative systems of dispute resolution in order to put the personal back into the parties’ calculations, and address their unique needs and desires.

If you already guessed that I’m a lawyer, this part will not come as a shock: I spent 25 years in the legal world before earning my legal masters degree in dispute resolution from the world-famous Straus Institute at Pepperdine University School of Law. The knowledge, wisdom and skills I gained at Straus can be found in my two books on dispute resolution, The Grownups' ABCs of Conflict Resolution, Second Edition (She Negotiates Press, 2013) and Success as a Mediator for Dummies (Wiley, 2012).

While my focus now is on closing the wage and income gap for women as a negotiation consultant, trainer and speaker, I’ve been training lawyers and business people of both genders in mutual benefit negotiation strategies since 2005. 

For your perusing enjoyment, here’s a list of my recent keynote engagements: the Ms. J.D. Conference, the Annual Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Texas Conferences for Women, the Regional Conferences of the Association of Legal Administrators ("ALA") in Honolulu and Anchorage, the Annual Conference of Private Law Librarians, the South Carolina, Florida, Colorado and Los Angeles Women Lawyers' Associations,  the Annual Conference of the National Women's MBA Association, the Association of Women Accountants, the American Bar Association Leadership Academy, and the Annual Meeting of the Association of Women's Bar Associations.

And Lisa is right, it didn’t take us but one workshop to realize that what we offered together went beyond an event and belonged as a business. Thus, She Negotiates was born. Our work has been featured on NPR's "All Things Considered," New York Times, CNN, Wall Street Journal, and dozens of smaller news outlets. My writing on conflict resolution has also been published in the academic press.

I graduated with a J.D., Order of the Coif, from U.C. Davis in 1980, and continue to mediate and arbitrate the type of commercial cases I litigated for 25 years. Old habits die hard.

When I’m not starting revolutions, you can find me walking the fabulous neighborhoods of Los Angeles. More about my consulting work here.



Lisa Gates

T: +1 (805) 448-4020

E: lisa@shenegotiates.com

I am committed to helping women like you seize your power. Not just the power to achieve your career and business ambitions, but the power that comes from connecting your self worth with your net worth.

I am an executive and professional development coach, and when I first began my coaching career in 2006, my natural market was women like me. Cubicle expats (or soon to be), creatives, and entrepreneurs. To a person, I began to notice a curious pattern. Women were great at designing and strategizing plans, but had great difficulty negotiating them. The more important the ask, the more they dug in their heels.

So I gathered up my career in PR and marketing, my work as an actress and writer, my training as a coach, and added negotiation to my toolkit. I called my lawyer friend Victoria Pynchon, now my business partner, and talked about the many issues my clients were facing. About five hours later, we hatched a plan to teach a course together, and at the end of our first online course I said, “This is not just a course, it’s a business.”

I use my eclectic background to help women harness new narratives that improve their communication, leadership and career opportunities. I also design trainings that help women clarify and express their unique value in a way that connects their career objectives with the goals of their organization.

I’m the proud author of a set of video tutorials that are available online at lynda.com, including Asking for a Raise, Negotiation Fundamentals, Resolving Conflict, and Coaching and Developing Employees. I’ve been a frequent contributor to Forbes Woman, and our work here at She Negotiates has been featured on NPR and CNN, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, as well as online magazines such as Huffington Post, Daily Muse, and Daily Worth.

While we’re at it, here’s a sampling of organizations that have benefited from my facilitated trainings: Deloitte, lynda.com, Shutterstock, Bainbridge Graduate Institute, Miami University, Journalism and Women Symposium, West Hollywood Women's Leadership Conference, and UC Santa Barbara, among others.

When I’m not consulting or teaching and training, I can usually be found hiking or indulging my love of theatre and storytelling. Pleased to digitally meet you, I’m really glad you’re here. More about my consulting work here. 



Jamie Lee

T: +1 (347) 781-4643

E: jamie@shenegotiates.com

I’m the newest addition to the She Negotiates team, a Toastmasters award-winning public speaker, and a pragmatic negotiation geek dedicated to helping you get bolder, braver and better paid. Through consulting, training and speaking, I help people like you catapult their careers to the next level with a gutsy ask.

Born in South Korea and raised in the US, I’m a 1.5-generation immigrant American who got an early start on negotiation training with my personal Monday morning quarterback: My fierce, single working mother who ran a small business to support three daughters in a new country.

She showed me that when women win, children, families and communities benefit. She also taught me to find strength in my voice, to be ambitious and to assert myself – even when I was the only different person in the room.

Inspired by her moxie, I’m committed to bringing my whole self to the table – with both head and heart in the game – and I want to help you do the same.

My process for helping you get what you want is as unique as my journey – from coming to America as a kid to working at multinational organizations as a college grad, then later working in finance and venture-backed startups.

As a professional, I’ve negotiated on behalf of multi-million dollar enterprises and secured cost savings that directly impacted the bottom line. As a speaker, I’ve led workshops on how to evaluate equity compensation for employees. As a negotiation consultant, I’ve helped working women secure $20,000 in raises and more. I’ve also led negotiation workshops and events with Athena Center for Leadership, SIPA at Columbia University, Baystate Health Women's Empowerment Summit, Essence Digital, Bullish Conference and more. More about my consulting work here.