Can You Negotiate Without Leaving Your Current Job?

Over at The Daily Muse, I’m answering women’s toughest negotiation questions, this week a three-part answer to a reader question about bargaining from a position of (perceived) weakness. 

Excerpt below and full answer at the link.

This week, our negotiation expert Victoria Pynchon is tackling a reader’s tricky question: Can you negotiate without leaving your current job? Check out the first part of her answer, then read on for tips on preparing for negotiation!

As you’ve probably guessed already, there’s considerable work to be done when it comes time to prepare for your compensation negotiation. It’s not hard work though, just work.

Here are the steps: 

1. Review your current job description.

2. If you, like most employees over the past four years, have taken on new duties, make a list of them.

3. Update your job description for your own use.

4. Go to a site like or seek information from others in your industry to recharacterize what it is you’re actually doing. Is your current job title really reflective of those duties?

5. Use or your contacts in the industry (or even an anonymous question on LinkedIn) to ascertain how much your employer would have to pay a new employee to do the job you’re doing now.

6. Write down the following:

Continue reading at Negotiating on the Job, Part 2: Preparing for Negotiation. The third part of the three-part series is here, and you can read the rest of the original article on the Forbes Woman website here.