The Equation for Career Success

Self-promotion + sponsorship = career success

Every woman’s career, like every child, takes a village to launch into the world as a healthy, productive and successful citizen.

Nina Jauernig, Manager at Myers Norris Penny and Chair of the National Sponsorship Committee, Woman of the Week over at the Women in Leadership Foundation, reminds us that we need to promote ourselves and find sponsors who will also promote us in order to succeed.

Jauerig says,

I have found that women are often very uncomfortable taking credit and promoting themselves at work. My advice is to not be shy about promoting your own talents and contributions. I would also advise women starting off their careers to find a mentor and an advocate. It is even better if those are two different people. It is important to have an advocate at work who helps you grow and progress. A mentor can be someone in a different field who inspires you and makes you see things in a different light.

via Women In Leadership » Women of the Week: Nina Jauernig.

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