A reframe on selfishness and negotiation


So the research is in. Women don't like negotiating. They do, however, like to ask for things on behalf of others. We love to advocate and support and raise our flags for community. In fact, when we're doing our annual reviews with our employers, we're rewarded for saying, "WE did X, and WE did Y." It's what Facebook CEO and Lean In author Sheryl Sandberg calls the "community voice."

I want you to think about this: you may have a partner, a family, extended family, aging parents and friends who love and adore you, and for whom you'd do just about anything.

When you negotiate on your own behalf and get your fair market value for your labor in this world, you are negotiating on behalf of everyone you love.

According to Gloria Steinem, if every woman in America were to achieve income parity right now, it would put $200 billion into the economy every single year.

And because women control about 80 percent of consumer spending, what do you think we'll be doing with our money? After taking care of food/water/shelter, we'll be building things like schools. Wells. Housing. We'll take care of the people and things that matter most.

Go get selfish on behalf of everything you adore.