Leadership Coaching for Women Headed Up

AND YOU NEED A trusted advisor.

We are fiercely committed to your ambition and growth. 

You’re talented and ambitious. Starting out, headed up, or starting over. Wherever you are in your career, you could use some additional knowledge, experience and insight to guide your ascent.

To help you get to where you want to go. Quickly.

We are trusted advisors who offer grounded, practical coaching for women who dream big. If you’ve been taking the stairs, we can put you on the elevator.

We are coaches who can sharpen your negotiation skills. Perhaps you quake like a jellyfish at the thought of being told ‘No.’ Even so, we can navigate you to ‘Yes’ every time.

We are perceptive strategists who can script your dialog, fine tune your storytelling, and, when needed, amplify your roar. If your brand’s message has gone fuzzy, we can help you smooth things out. Empower your signals. Embolden your voice. 

Maybe you’ve been missing your cue. If so, we can get you back on your feet. We’ll even choreograph your victory dance. 


Lisa Gates

Lisa brings a strengths-based focus to unlocking your leadership brand. As a certified, coactive coach, she works with women who are committed to busting open doors, shattering ceilings, and transforming what's possible for themselves and everyone they touch. If you want to refine your career strategy, develop your leadership presence and influence, improve your interview skills and storytelling chops, or exercise your productivity muscles, you're in the right place. Take a look at Lisa's bio here.


Praise for Lisa

"Lisa Gates is a knock-out coach. Her humor combined with razor-like insistence in accountability makes her one of the most powerful coaches I've ever met. She goes deep, makes me take responsibility, calls me on my BS, and stands for my leadership at work. An amazing process."

- B. Anderson, HR DIrector

"Lisa is a fantastic coach for men and women in multiple career paths including my area of academic medicine . She changed my approach, perspective, and helped me achieve goals that I did not previously consider attainable."  

- Tina Schade Willis, MD

"Lisa is an outstanding coach. When I enrolled in one of her mastermind groups, I learned that she is also an insightful marketer. Her comments about my website brought in business that contributed to tripling my income. Hire this woman."

- Linda Gryczan, Mediator




Jamie is a scrappy go-getter who approaches coaching with relentless curiosity. She believes that you hold the key to your own truth which can unlock deeper fulfillment and connection with others. If you want to dissolve barriers to growth, cultivate confidence and take courageous action towards the life and career of your dreams, get started now. Take a look a Jamie's bio here. 


Praise for Jamie

"Jamie has been incredibly helpful during a major job transition. I've been able to clearly identify and articulate my values, bring my goals both personally and professionally into alignment, and envision myself taking on more leadership roles as I progress in my career."

- Seema Singh, Senior Policy Associate

"Working with Jamie has been a great experience. She listens deeply, distills information, asks targeted follow-up questions, helping me to zero in on what I need to work on. I feel more confident and have specific suggestions on how I can improve my leadership skills."

- Donia Robinson, Senior Software Engineer


"Jamie has a gift for seeing all the options that exist, and showing you that there is much more possibility in your challenges than you might have thought. If you’re feeling trapped by your current situation, Jamie should be your first call. She’ll help you find optimism and a sense of choice, confidence and empowerment."

- Sara Longwell, Director of Music Therapy