Strategic conversations

How to Negotiate, Influence, and Lead with Purpose


We believe that leadership is owning your purpose, and using it as an implement of possibility and shared goals.

And when it comes to women, we operate under the radical notion and number-crunched, researched-to-death reality that women in the lead translates to business in the lead. We also acknowledge the real hurdles women face navigating the daily papercuts of gender bias as they engage their leadership purpose.

That’s why our leadership program, Strategic Conversations, whips up a blend of self discovery to align your purpose and your professional path with the vision and goals of your organization. We then dig into the actor’s bag of tricks and add storytelling development, along with the value creating, problem-solving skills of collaborative, mutual-benefit negotiation. We finish that off with coaching tools and practices to assure that your leadership influences, develops, and promotes the success of those you lead.

Strategic Conversations is a personal, practical, and tactical two-day training that includes individual exercises, teamwork, roleplay, and skill drills, followed by monthly coaching cohorts via video conference to cultivate mastery, and assure implementation and ROI.



  • Self-Awareness: Own your leadership purpose and align it with your professional ambition.

  • Future Potential: Define your wild and improbable goals that put your leadership purpose in action.

  • Storytelling: Weave your values, strengths and accomplishments into coherent narratives that express your professional value and your leadership purpose in the hands of your organization.

  • Influence: Design a plan to cultivate diverse alliances, tap the resources in your workplace, and bring your goals to fruition.

  • Communication: Learn the vocabulary, strategies, and tactics of interest-based, mutual benefit negotiation and connect them to the value-creating, problem-solving conversations you’re already having every day.

  • Disruption: Use your voice and newfound skills to interrupt stasis, bias, and harassment as they occur.

  • Development: Tap coaching best practices to grow and develop your people.

  • Power: Grow your confidence by owning your agency and unique self-expression as a conduit for generating results.


Customizing for Results:

We begin our learning relationship by gaining a thorough understanding of your goals, and how your organization will measure the success of the Program. With that in mind, we will design pre- and post-training assessments to track progress and ROI.



Lisa Gates



Lisa facilitated an ‘Art of Workplace Coaching’ workshop for our Senior Leaders and it was invigorating. At a crucial moment in our organization’s adoption of a coaching culture, Lisa was the perfect catalyst and coach, allowing us to kick off our year focused and intentionally minded on developing the whole person.
— Natalie Suits, SHRM-CP, Talent Acquisition & Organizational Development, The Hearth, LLC
When we learned of She Negotiates and met Lisa Gates, we knew we had found the perfect match. She joined us at our 2017 conference with over 150 attendees. Lisa’s  style was dynamic and engaging. Instead of suggesting that women behave more like men during negotiations, she offered strategies to take advantage of the skills that often come naturally to women. Not only did our members have fun, they came away with valuable skills to help them more comfortably approach negotiation situations in their professional and personal lives. 
— Meghan Roberts, Executive Director of The Association of Women in Water, Energy and Environment