Warning: working with us may make your wallet too big for your purse.


We help you create a step-by-step roadmap and arm you with sturdy, confidence-building negotiation skills that will help you for the rest of your life.



If you're a woman in business or the professions who wants to broker a top-level deal or compensation package, I’m the deal maker you’ve been waiting for.

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You can start soft and easy by booking a hundred buck hour here.

If you need a more detailed strategic plan, scripts, role-plays and research to dove-tail your needs with your employer’s interests, we’ll discuss flat fee and hourly rate consulting at the end of that initial hour conversation and credit your hundred bucks to the cost of a more thorough consult.


To write your tailored strategic plan, we learn as much as we can about your business, your allies, your experience, your accomplishments and perhaps most importantly, your company’s interests, i.e., its needs, desires, fears, preferences, priorities, history, values and mission.

We learn that lickedly split - well, I do - because I spent twenty-five years litigating and trying commercial disputes between business entities. To successfully do that, I had to learn not only my client’s business and business interests, but also its adversary’s commercial endeavors and its interests. Then I had to put myself in my adversary’s shoes to counter what I believed their most successful strategy would be.

Within the legal framework we’d then craft a written strategic litigation and trial plan that characterized (“framed”) our client’s right to win in positive, jury-friendly terms and characterized our adversary (greedy or deceptive or law breaking, etc.) and its goals in a negative way that we believed would sway the jury in our client’s favor.

The beauty of negotiation strategic plans is that there’s no one on the other side anticipating and guarding against our mutually crafted tactics. We don’t demonize our clients’ bargaining partners. In fact, we praise them. We also don’t think in terms of win-lose. Instead, we make our client’s case for market compensation as mutually beneficial to both parties’ interests.

Here’s a sample strategic negotiation plan for a promotion and a significant raise.


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