Lisa Gates | Negotiation and Leadership Coach

Lisa Gates | Negotiation and Leadership Coach

If you’re a high achiever who’s ready to go after a raise, promotion, or big transition, designing your roadmap is key.

Master your ask (instead of rushing ahead and sabotaging your chances) and stop getting permanently pushed to the bottom of the pile.

Once you have been rejected, it’s VERY hard to rise to the top again. It’s very tricky to gain traction. You will spend precious time you don’t have waiting for another shot at the top.

So, instead of thinking about negotiation as a war you must wage, let Lisa help you design a conversation roadmap that steers the discussion toward your exact destination.


"It's not every day that you get a 100% raise, but with Lisa's coaching that's what happened for me. I went into our process frustrated and hoping to leave with the skills to ask for a reasonable raise, and then Lisa suggested a much bigger ask. In addition to the jump in salary, I also successfully negotiated a promotion, an assistant, and a firm date to discuss my next pay increase. Every woman owes it to herself to work with Lisa.” -Maryn Taylor, Director of Operations


“I’m performing three roles and being compensated for one.”

Lisa will deftly show you how to turn this situation into a complete Win/Win for you and your company! As your Salary and Promotion Negotiation Consultant, she will quickly hone in on exactly what you need to say to garner more respect, recognition, and reward.

“I’ve received a super low-ball offer and I don’t know how to respond without blowing the opportunity.”

Often this scenario results because from failing to ask pre-negotiation questions in the interview process. But don't worry, Lisa will help you push that lowball offer back up to where it should be. And then some.

“I need to know what to say when my ideas or requests are met with pushback.”

Not only does Lisa have a vault full of scripts you can use to squash this exact fear, but she can also show you how to deftly out-maneuver pushback and turn it into a positive positioning strategy.

“I’ve never negotiated. Ever.“

Perfect! Lisa has and will show you how to take the intimidation out of negotiation and turn it into a problem-solving exercise. Her ability to create a neutral and conflict-free discussion zone will leave you feeling confident and in control of your salary, promotion, or proposal.

“I don’t know how to build a negotiation strategy. I don’t know what I don’t know!”

Don’t worry. Lisa has been helping people negotiate powerful positioning since 2006 and she helps smart, ambitious women become daily askers and confident actors at work. She will work diligently with you to create a negotiation plan that feels good in your bones (and your bank account).

“I am having trouble determining my market value. My title and responsibilities don’t seem to match up with what’s available on salary research tools.”

Not to worry. Lisa will help you sleuth data from multiple resources so you can be confident about your numbers and make your ask backed up by all available data.

“I've been putting in overtime, steering bigger projects for a while now but keep getting shut down for promotion. ”

You are not alone. Lisa has worked through this predicament successfully using her "strength in numbers approach.” By pinpointing the influencers and getting them on board, your request will quickly become a priority.

“I’m heading into interviews and I don’t know how to best prepare for the questions they’ll ask.”

Lisa has helped her clients answer every interview question under the sun, and she has a framework for perfecting each of them.


"Working with Lisa was a real eye-opener. She taught me how to identify my strengths and more importantly, how to sell them to potential employers! I learned how to negotiate what I was worth in a way that appealed - and it has paid off as I have recently signed for my dream job." -- Liz O’Sullivan, Security and Compliance Engineer

WHEN you book A CALL below, this is what you can expect:

  • Lisa will show you how to pinpoint your market value so you come away with what you deserve. You will collect information from multiple sources so you can be confident about your numbers and make your ask backed up by proven data.

  • Lisa will quickly help you assess and quantify your accomplishments and capture the best stories that demonstrate your strengths and skills in action.

  • You will be prepped for your interviews with scripts to answer questions like, “tell me about yourself,” or “why do you want this job,” or “what are your salary requirements,” or “what are you making now?” so you can confidently talk about yourself and your value to your present/future employer.

  • Together we will build your at-the-table roadmap with word-for-word scripts to respond to pushbacks and resistance. You will know when to anticipate the pushback and how to pivot your answers and control your narrative.

  • You will script an “Opening Ask” that maps your unique strengths and value with the goals of the role and the organization so you don’t leave money on the table or walk away feeling like you should have aimed higher.

  • Together we will identify the key influencers and decision makers to assure you have allies speaking on your behalf, and that your ask lands in the right hands and doesn’t get pushed from desk or desk OR fly under the radar.

Coaching Options:



Sometimes, you need to dip your toes in first before you go all in on your negotiation challenge.

So, if you’re expecting an offer and want some quick advice, or you have a sticky situation you need a second brain to problem-solve with, or you just want to determine if were a good fit for working together, great. Schedule an hour with me.

Once scheduling and payment is complete, I will share a Google doc with you that we'll use to capture information, session notes, and next steps.



Successful negotiation outcomes hinge on one thing: preparation. In our work together, we’ll focus on some or all of these elements: career assessment and narrative building, interview prep, salary research, defining your priorities and moving parts, identifying your leverage, building your at the table roadmap, scripting responses to potential pushback—all the way to done deal.

The link below will help you schedule our first working session and make payment. Once that’s complete I will share a Google doc with you that we'll use to capture our process from start to finish.



As a certified coach and trusted advisor to women on the rise, I’ll help you get way out ahead of any promotion or transition. You’ll energize your career trajectory, develop your leadership presence and influence, build your storytelling chops, and enhance your communication and management skills. Together, we’ll bust open doors, deal with the daily papercuts of bias, and transform what's possible for you, your team, and your organization.

Six sessions. Opening Session is 90 minutes, followed by five 60-minute sessions.



S.H., Marketing Profesional, Healthcare Tech

  • Marketing Manager to Regional Director of Marketing

  • 20% increase in salary

  • Air travel from coach to business class

  • Bonus for business development success

  • Professional development and coaching paid by company

T.M, HR Director, Healthcare Tech

  • HR Director to Director of Operations

  • 100% increase in salary

  • Zero bonus to 30% Bonus

E.D., Administrative Coordinator, Financial Tech

  • Admin. Coordinator to Report Analyst

  • 42% increase in salary

  • Review in 6 months to bring salary further into alignment with market value

S.A., IT Director, Real Estate Investment Co.

  • IT Director to SVP of IT

  • 32% Increase in salary

  • 100K Bonus

M.E., Technology Journalist

  • 30% increase from initial offer

  • In office to 100% Remote

  • Travel and equipment paid by company