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We help you create a step-by-step strategic plan and arm you with sturdy, confidence-building negotiation skills that will help you for the rest of your life.


Work With Lisa

If you’re a high achiever who’s ready to strategize a raise, promotion, proposal, or big transition—and learn how to master your with me.

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Work with Victoria

If you're a woman in business or the professions who wants to broker a top-level deal or compensation with me.

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1-Hour Pick My Brain
Strategy Session


Got an offer and don’t know what your best next move could be? Don’t panic, be strategic. Get quick, personally-tailored advice you can use immediately.

Strategy Session


Avoid salary negotiation fumbles and saying yes to lowball offers. Earn your worth with research, a scripted strategic plan, and the confidence to make it so.

Done Deal
Retainer Package


Whether you’re just starting the interview process or navigating a complex business deal, we’ll take you from research to strategy to done deal.


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