Our People Resources

Here are the women we have forged relationships with, hired personally, or constantly refer to when our clients’ needs exceed the bounds of our expertise. These are women who can fill a need you have. A goal you want to achieve. A change you want to make—for yourself, your team, or your company.


Want to stop talking about diversity and do something about it in your company?

Stacey Gordon, CEO of Rework Work, is an innovative human capital strategist whose mission is to reduce bias in global talent acquisition and management. She provides customized, hands-on solutions for your company’s diversity and inclusion journey, from awareness to implementation.


Creating purposeful and aligned brand design for dreamers and achievers.

Holly Baumgartl is the magic-maker, designer, and founder of Daydream Design Co. She has a BFA in graphic design from the Cleveland Institute of Art and 6+ years of experience in the design field. Day-to-day she is the creating purposeful visual solutions for her clients to take their brands to the next level.


If your company or team is having productivity and workflow challenges, check out Sara Caputo Consulting.

With a master’s in organizational psychology, Sara Caputo partners with you and your teams to get them running strong. From physical systems, time management, down to to-dos and tasks, Sara is your hard-scrabble resource for getting things done.


Develop your leaders by leveraging their strengths

Polly Chandler is a strengths-based coach who focuses on leveraging the principles of strengths training with the power of ecology. Ecology’s first law states that everything is connected to everything else. And in the workplace everyone is connected to your team in a unique way. Polly has developed a three-part approach: Start with Self, Build the Team, and leverage your strengths to Accelerate Outcomes for Your Organization.


So you got that raise...how about a tune-up in your relationship with money?

Ann Hutchins is a financial coach and founder of Money In Your Life. Ann will lead you through a high-impact exploration of your money story geared to helping you make good decisions, plan for the future, and become knowledgeable, comfortable, and curious about money and investing.

Need to manage your everyday stress and anxiety in the workplace?

Jay Fields is a somatic educator, coach, and author who has been teaching the principles of Awareness-Based Self-Regulation to individuals and organizations since 1998. Her approach to helping women have their own back at work and in life is grounded, playful, empathic and intelligent. Jay helps smart, professional women manage the messy territory of feelings so they can be more expert at what they do.


Is your company finally ready to become an employer of choice?

Be Leaderly, led by Jo Miller and Selena Rezvani, helps organizations develop a pipeline of qualified emerging women leaders through presentations, webinars, and diversity and inclusion consulting. Their consulting assessment, Amplify, is a research-based diagnostic that helps companies assess and change their approach to retaining, developing, and promoting women’s leadership.