Over 15 Sample NEGOTIATION Scripts You Need to Be the Boss of Your Career

And here are two bonus salary negotiation scripts:

#1: How to Ask for a Raise Script:

Let’s say you invite your boss to a coffee shop around the corner (a neutral location to minimize distraction and potential power imbalances). After the small talk, here’s what your “opening statement” might sound like:

I use my strategic thinking and people strengths to wheel and deal with customers. In the past two years I’ve used those strengths to inspire our team to turn around the performance of Product X, while also taking on Product Y. I believe the value of that turnaround, plus the goals we’re poised to deliver this year are worth a 20 percent raise. How can you help me make that so?

Substitute your strengths, accomplishments, and future deliverables, and make your ask.

#2: Here’s an Interview Question to ask your employer:

What assurances can you give me that the compensation you’re offering is in alignment with others in similar roles, including men?

Ballsy. necessary. And right now, the timing is perfect.


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