We’ve been whipping up and equipping up women to be engaged,
focused and unstoppable since 2010. 


We design onsite and virtual workshops to address the core professional development needs of high potential, high achieving women. We work with corporations, women's organizations and associations, and privately organized groups.


Here are some of our most popular options:


Strategic Conversations

How to Influence, Negotiate and Lead with Purpose

This is our signature leadership program. We whip up a blend of self discovery to align your purpose and your professional path with the vision and goals of your organization. We then dig into the actor’s bag of tricks and add storytelling development, along with the value creating, problem-solving skills of collaborative, mutual-benefit negotiation. We finish that off with coaching tools and practices to assure that your leadership influences, develops, and promotes the success of those you lead.


Career Oxygen

Five Leadership Moves that Set You Up for Negotiation Success

Whether you're in a job interview or performance review, at a networking event or trying to build your internal influence, how do you breathe life into your story so that it leads to the role, project, and salary you deserve? This workshop takes a deep dive into your "value story" and the five key elements of your Leadership Operating System that set you up for successful problem solving and value creating negotiations.


Negotiation Masterclass

The Blueprint for Everyday Workplace Negotiation

Smart negotiators seem to make the world magically adapt to them: asking easily, earning respect and money, making themselves heard, and collaborating in ways that take them far ahead of the competition. In this interactive workshop, you'll learn and practice key techniques for negotiating with power and poise, and walk away with new skills and the confidence to implement them.


The Art of Workplace Coaching

Tools and Practices for Engaging and Developing People

In this course you'll learn the benefits of developing your team and helping employees build their skills in ways that transform and empower them to do more productive and engaging work. As leaders and managers, you'll build your own coaching and leadership skills and equip yourself with tools that encourage insight and growth.

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Best educational ROI I’ve had in years.

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